Benn Finn


Benn Finn was born on 12th January 1983 in the north of Berlin. As more and more time has passed the interest of Benn Finn for the music developed. Santa Clause had to carry large speakers to put them under the Christmas tree. When he was a little boy he and his father listened to records from Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. This is the source for his interesting music. Surely he changed his grasp of music growing up. But he didn..t know what to do and wasn..t able to throw himself at only one kind of music. At the age of 20 he started to meet his friends in clubs like the Berghain, Bar 25 and Watergate. The Berlin – Night life was a completely new world to him. The music these clubs were playing was exciting. Benn Finn wanted to know the secret of electronic music. His vinyl collection grew fast. He started to create his own sounds. The internet, books, friends and a lot of time had been used up to develop the sound of Finn Records. Many scene-insiders he had met while playing his records in the clubs of Berlin helped to find his own way of making music. His first self produced tracks were born and published at different labels. To be more independently, Benn Finn decided to create his own label, called Finn Records , founded at the end of 2009 . There he will publish music with quite an own style in the future.

 Adler & Finn



 Matthias Adler and Benn Finn have been spinning records together for several years now under the pseudonym “Adler & Finn”. The special DJ-Duo (both close to the age of 30) achieved great success as producers, live-acts as well as artist in the music scene. Their innovative sound may even vary according to the proclivity of the people. However it pleases a continually growing crowd within the borders of tech-house, house and minimal. Conquering club after club – the Berlin DJ-Duo is always surprising their followers by implying the desire of new sounds and influential trends. Until they’ve performed in Clubs like “M.I.K.Z.”, “Golden Gate”, “Sisyphos”, the former club “Maria” and the “Kamea Club” in Frankfurt.

Both discovered their passion for music individually. Being inspired by visits in “Berghain”, “Bar 25” and “Watergate”, they started creating their own tunes. Matthias and Benn achieved more and more recognition either together or on their own. In 2009 Benn started to award his music with expression by creating his own label “Finn Records”.

The creative duo is also publishing on the “Supdub” label since April 2011. Their latest hit was the release of their digital album “Through My Fingers”. Prospectively, the guys wish to keep advancing their remarkable sound and explore new facets of music. In order to achieve this goal they are planning an EP on vinyl and further solo projects. One of “Adler & Finn’s” important goals is to represent the label “Supdub” by implying the special Supdub-minimal touch especially within the Berlin music scene and further establish their very own music as well


  Henriettas Park


 "born to late,live to fast, loved to much"...henriettas park is a person,a place,a feeling,a part of his own history.inspired by so many part of that is the truth that henriettas park is an qualified gardener and always be outside in the nature and surrounding with nice and real things...from this maybe come the love to wide sounds and open boundless expanses.


 Matthias Adler

Tech-House Matthias Adler saw the light of day on the 26th of July 1981 and grew up in Oranienburg, near Berlin. In the middle of the Nineties, he discovers Electronic Dance Music, especially through Berlin House TV. Fascinated by its diversity, he develops a growing interest in noncommercial electronic music. Well, Berlin is around the corner and the choice of parties nigh on endless, what leads to countless excursions into the landscapes of Club Culture. Not before long, Matthias Adler gains his first experiences as a DJ. Deand accelerating turntables to create a seemingly never-ending song that shakes the crowd from the hip, has a great charm for him. But that’s not enough for Matthias Adler. From 2008 on, he concentrates on producing his own music. In exchange with friends, and a Learning-by-doing attitude, he starts to work with all the music production tools on the market. At the moment, Matthias Adler produces mainly Minimal Techno. But his phase of experimentation is not yet over and we are already waiting joyously for what is still to come… The co-operation with Benn Finn (Adler & Finn) were, and still are, extremely rewarding and let us hope for more great productions and further co-operations…”minimal forever and feel good”. 




I just can`t get enough. Dirk Röper alias Paris, born in Cologne in January 1973, is a passionate to electronic music all along. He got inspired by synth-pop in the 80ies, especially by Depeche Mode, And One, Vince Clark, Front 242 and Kraftwerk. Intro-duced to the Berlin techno scene by his wife, a Berlin native, he got in touch with the unique community of electronic music enthusiasts. Regularly he went to Berlin to experience underground and bigger events where he made new contacts within the scene. By moving to northern outskirts of Berlin in 2008 he got to know the Finn Records label. Fascinated by insights of work and gigs of the Finn Crew Paris got motivated to perform in Berlin’s clubs one day Fairly quickly his label enabled to promote his aligned tech and deephouse sound on small events and at venues like „Weekend Berlin" or „Sucide Circus". These days Paris is pursueing his next goal to produce own tracks which will not take long to wait for as Paris’ aspiration will never run low. His debut album is eagerly awaited during 2016 on his home label Finn Records.


Ron Impro


Ron Impro, fand seine Liebe für elektronische Musik bereits in der frühesten Kindheit. Immer wieder Gänsehaut von elektronischen Klängen brachten Ron auf die Idee selbst Musik zu machen. Im Jahr 2009 kaufte er sich dann Kopf über seine ersten Plattenspieler und die ersten 30 Platten. Schnell, durfte er in einigen heimischen Clubs seine ersten Sets spielen. Im Jahr 2010 setzte er sich auf einem DJ-Contest durch und sicherte sich einen Gig auf dem Airbeat One Festival. In den folgenden Jahren spielte er dann auf einigen größerer Veranstaltungen. Deep House/ Indie /NU Disco sind bis heute die Töne die man in seinen Sets zu hören bekommt. Mit diesem Sound, spielte er sich in die Herzen der Mecklenburgischen Techno-Szene. 2012 beschäftigte Ron sich auch damit seine eigenen Sounds zu produzieren. Januar 2014 dann das erste releast eines eigenen Songs.